Friday, October 9, 2009

Quicknet_v3_20 Bug-I

There is a small bug in the softtarget trainer.

After the pre-run cross validation, the qnmultitrn stopped and gave out the error "segmentation fault".

This bug is simply because that in the file "", in the function(begins at line 598):

// "Soft training" object - trains using continuous targets.

QN_SoftSentTrainer::QN_SoftSentTrainer(int a_debug, const char* a_dbgname,
                       int a_verbose,
                       QN_MLP* a_mlp,
                       QN_InFtrStream* a_train_ftr_str,
                       QN_InFtrStream* a_train_targ_str,
                       QN_InFtrStream* a_cv_ftr_str,
                       QN_InFtrStream* a_cv_targ_str,
                       QN_RateSchedule* a_lr_sched,
                       float a_targ_low, float a_targ_high,
                       const char* a_wlog_template,
                       QN_WeightFileType a_wfile_format,
                       const char* a_ckpt_template,
                       QN_WeightFileType a_ckpt_format,
                       unsigned long a_ckpt_secs,
                       size_t a_bunch_size,
                       float* a_lrscale)
    : clog(a_debug, "QN_SoftSentTrainer", a_dbgname),

Two variable debug and dbgname is not initialized. As debug is an integer, the uninitialized variable did not cause big problem. However, dbgname is a pointer which casued the "Segmentation fault".

To fix this bug only add the following two blue lines in the code.
    : debug(a_debug),

      clog(a_debug, "QN_SoftSentTrainer", a_dbgname),

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