Thursday, May 27, 2010

A thesis on Deep learning

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Chapter 2 is about RBM and DBN.

Restricted Boltzmann Machine:

Two-layer architecture, visible binary units, v, and hidden binary units, h.
dimension of v is D and dimension of h is F.
The energy of state {v, h} is:

W is the symmetric weights, b is the visible bias and a is the hidden bias.

The joint distribution over the visible and hidden units is defined by:

Z(\theta) is know as the partition function for normalization. 

The probability that the model assigns to the visible vector v is:

and the hidden units could be explicitly marginalized out:

The conditional probabilities:

From the energy based model theory:

Free energy is defined as:


P(x) is actually P(v; \theta) above.

For RBM, the free energy is:

Fro RBMs with binary visible units and binary hidden units, we obtain:

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