Friday, October 8, 2010

[Linux] Install PLearn on Ubuntu and Suse SLES 10sp3

PLearn is a C++ Machine Learning package.

The installation on Ubuntu is much easy:

Install all the prerequisite and recommended packages through system's syntactic package manager.
Note that in your system, the version maybe different, the version number should not be smaller than the number on the guidance page.
In my installation, "edfblas" package is not found and not installed, instead the libblas is installed;
also for lapack package, no lapack3, lapack3-dev are found; liblapack3 and liblapack3-dev are installed instead;

After the package installation, edit the ~/.bashrc file, to include following lines:

export PLEARNDIR=${HOME}/PLearn
export PATH=$PLEARNDIR/scripts:$PLEARNDIR/commands:${PATH}
export PYTHONPATH=$PLEARNDIR/python_modules

Change them to the correct path on your own system.

Next just following what the instructions on that page tells you.

To compile the executable, pymake

The installation on Suse SLES 10sp3 is a little difficult:

The major problem is to install the required packages. On the Suse system, the package name are different from what are used in Ubuntu.

there is not libboost, but boost package
libnspr4 is called mozilla-nspr4
libncurses is called ncurse directly
python-numarray is not needed, but python-numpy-dev is necessary

Anyway try to search the key name of that package when not found.

One more comments on installing those packages is that do use Yast instead of zypper. I'm not sure why some packages are not found with zypper but with Yast, with the same installation sources.

After the package installation, everything becomes the same and you are near the success.

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