Thursday, January 20, 2011

[Misc] Command Line Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X


The command line in Mac OS X can be a very powerful and fun tool, so it’s good to know how to maneuver around if you find yourself in it. By default, the Mac OS X Terminal uses the Bash shell, which is what these keyboard shortcuts are intended for. So if you’re ready to get your feet wet, open up the Terminal and try these shortcuts out, they’re sure to make your command line life easier. The list isn’t too crazy so you should be able to try all these out within a minute or two, have fun:

Ctrl + AGo to the beginning of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + EGo to the end of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + LClears the Screen, similar to the clear command
Ctrl + UClears the line before the cursor position. If you are at the end of the line, clears the entire line.
Ctrl + HSame as backspace
Ctrl + RLet’s you search through previously used commands
Ctrl + CKill whatever you are running
Ctrl + D Exit the current shell
Ctrl + ZPuts whatever you are running into a suspended background process. fg restores it.
Ctrl + WDelete the word before the cursor
Ctrl + KClear the line after the cursor
Ctrl + TSwap the last two characters before the cursor
Esc + TSwap the last two words before the cursor

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