Saturday, April 28, 2012

Testing wami-recorder

Installation and configuration:

After the downloading is finished, extract it to a directory and add following two paths to either ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file:
[Flex_sdk_path]/bin to $PATH
[Flex_sdk_path]/lib to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

2) Check out the wami-recorder codes using: hg clone

Then navigate to the [wami-recorder] folder, which has two subfolders: example and src. Compile the client with following command:

mxmlc -compiler.source-path=src -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -output example/client/Wami.swf src/edu/mit/csail/wami/client/Wami.mxml

The command will generate a Wami.swf file under the example/client folder. Next we can start testing the wami recorder.

3) Testing

A) upload both the client and server php example to my own server, test with the basic.html both recording and playback works fine.

B) change the recording file to a file on the server instead of the default one which is on the wami group's server

C) instead of specify a absolute path for wami to save the recording to, use a php file to save the recording

D) change the hard coded file name to a variable that can be generated automatically

E) check the recording format, which is PCM, signed 16 bit integer, 22050 sample rate; only the sample rate is different from what we want, which is 16000. Currently, it can be converted using command line tool sox on the server. Have already found the interface of wami recorder to set the recording parameters, but the code does not effect currently

4) todos:

A) solve the recording parameter setup during wami recorder initialization 

B) try a better UI for the recorder, which currently use the 3 basic buttons


  1. Did you try a java serlvet server? I thing is better conection for cmusphinx.
    When you receive the file you can reconvert it for the correct format 16000.

  2. hi Troy Lee can you explain the testing- wami recorder in image or video format so it becomes easy for users to understand.I am working on this wami-recorder in order to store voice through browser.