Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First use of Bazaar and

1. Check the launchpad brunch:

bzr branch lp:~troy-lee2008/pronunciationeval/branch-troy

2. Update to launchpad:

bzr push lp:~troy-lee2008/pronunciationeval/branch-troy

This should be executed everytime you want your local changes be reflected in the server.

3. Useful operations

bzr merge

bzr add [file/directory]

bzr mkdir [directory]

bzr mv [file/directory...]

bzr rm [file/directory]

bzr commit -m "message"

Most of the time, the operations go in following steps:
a) bzr merge: to sync to the most recent revision with the server
b) bzr add, mv, rm etc. to make necessary changes
c) bzr commit to commit changes to your local repository
d) bzr push to submit your changes to the server repository

Some other helps:

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