Monday, June 18, 2012

Troy: GSoC 2012 Pronunciation Evaluation Week 4

Finally, the data collection website now can provide the basic capabilities! Anyone who are interested, check out our website at and have a try. If you encountered any problems, do let us know. Following are the stuff I have done during the last week:

1) Discussed with my mentor James to finalize the schema design and created the whole database with MySQL. The whole database design could be found .  During the development of the website, slightly modifications were carried out to refine the database design. Such as the age field for the users table, only when I try to insert user values into the table did I realize the age value is dependent on the registration date which may not be a good idea to store age. Storing birthdate would be much better. Similar changes like that are updated. What I learnt from these is that a good design comes from practice not purely imagination. 

2) Implement the two types of user registration page: one for student and one for exemplary. As we don't want to constrain the two types of users to be exclusive and to avoid redundant work, the registration involves two steps: one basic registration and one extra information update. For student, only the basic one is compulsory, but for the exemplary they have to finish both the two forms. 

3) Adding extra supporting functionalities for user management. These including: password reset, mode selection for users with multiple types. 

4) Incorporating the audio recorder with the website for recording and uploading to servers. 

Things to do this week:

1) Prompts adding page;

2) Testing the system; 

3) Design the pronunciation learning game for student users.

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