Saturday, May 16, 2009

Install Tempo under Linux

TEMPO is open source software for 3D visualization of brain electrical activity. TEMPO accepts EEG file in standard EDF
format and creates animated sequence of topographic maps. Topographic
maps are generated over 3D head model and user is able to navigate
around head and examine maps from different viewpoints. Most mapping
parameters are adjustable through appropriate graphical user interface
controls. Also, individual topographic maps could be saved in PNG format for future examination or publishing.

Download the source code of tempo.
Install qt through Syntactic Package Manager.
Open the terminal, navigate the the root folder of tempo.
Use command "qmake -makefile"
Then "make"

It's done!

However, as I have little knowledge about qt programming. I even don't know which tool can understand the ".pro" file. It took me a whole afternoon to try out how to compile the source files. I even tried to write a makefile by myself, but I found it rather hard. Tens of hundreds of errors jump out! Finally, when I searching on the net for a error, I saw somebody saying that "use qmake to create makefile from .pro file", then I realized that the pro file is for qmake!!! Thank goodness, I got it!

Learning GCC:

GNU Make

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