Monday, May 25, 2009


1. Connect to the cluster:
ssh -l [username]
Then you will be asked for the password. The username and password are the same with the mysoc account.

Official instructions are:

Tembusu2 accounts (aka home directories) are SEPARATE and DELINKED from the standard SoC Unix account.

Instructions for Login to Linux-based nodes

You must first have created an account on tembusu2.

To login to any "access" node on the cluster, use

ssh -t -l username tembusu2

You will be directed to an available "access" node in a round robin fashion.

To login to a particular "access" node, eg. access5 or access10, use the following:

ssh -t -p 2005 -l username tembusu2

ssh -t -p 2010 -l username tembusu2

To access any "access" nodes from within the cluster, use:

ssh nodename


ssh access0

ssh access12

Tembusu2's "comp" nodes are meant for batch jobs and therefore, non login.

Instructions for Login to Solaris-based nodes


You must first have created an account on tembusu2.

Currently, there is only one Ultrasparc-based Solaris "access" node on the cluster. This can be accessed using the hostname saga.

ssh -t -l username saga

X11 connections

the cluster access nodes are configured to support SSH X11 tunneling.
This provides a secure way to forward any GUI applications to your
desktop. You just need to enable X11 support on your desktop to use
this feature when you connect to the cluster.

note that even though the applications forwards the GUI to your
desktop, the application is really running on the access node you are
connected to. As such, it can only access the file system in tembusu
and have no access to any files on your desktop.

See here for instructions to enable X11 tunneling on you ssh client.

2. Check the available disk space
df -h /home/l/[username]

More information about this cluster

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