Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Tools] HVite for alignment

When using HVite to do the alignment, we need the option '-a'. One thing to be careful is, Don't use '-w' for alignment!!!!

Otherwise, it will load the network from '-w' not '-a', and then recognition is carried out instead of alignment, even though you put '-a' there!


HVite -A -D -V -T 1 -X rec -l '*' -o SW -a -m -f -X lab -y lab -H ${exppath}/hmm648/MMF -C ${exppath}/cfgs/hvite.cfg -t 250.0 -s 4.0 -p -10.0 -w ${libpath}/lms/bigram_lat -I ${libpath}/mlabs/test_mono61_label.mlf -i ${exppath}/hmm648/test_mono61_alnlab.mlf -S ${libpath}/flists/testfull_mfcc.scp ${libpath}/dicts/mono61.dct ${libpath}/mlists/mono61.lst


HVite -A -D -V -T 1 -X rec -l '*' -o SW -a -m -f -X lab -y lab -H ${exppath}/hmm648/MMF -C ${exppath}/cfgs/hvite.cfg -t 250.0 -I ${libpath}/mlabs/test_mono61_label.mlf -i ${exppath}/hmm648/test_mono61_alnlab.mlf -S ${libpath}/flists/testfull_mfcc.scp ${libpath}/dicts/mono61.dct ${libpath}/mlists/mono61.lst

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