Sunday, March 1, 2009

Humanoid body model layout


One of the most crucial pieces in the game is the media used to represent the players. This must allow for enough customization for the players to feel that they are in a living world, where they themselves are unique, as well as all of the other character. Therefore we need to have a common standard for all humanoid characters, so that they will all be able to represent the world in a correct way no matter what client they're used in.

Humanoid body model layout

An initial layout of the humanoid characters. The layout should be closely followed for female characters.

Clothing layout

The clothes parts needs to be synced with the body model. As an example, a long sleeved shirt will cover most of the arms, allowing the client to hide the "shoulder" and "elbow" parts (thus saving render ops), whereas a shirt sleeved shirt would require that either the "elbow" or also the "shoulder" part was visible.

  • cloak (over the head)
  • long sleeved shirt
  • shirt sleeved shirt
  • long pants
  • short pants
  • low shoes
  • tall shoes
  • apron
  • cape (this requies some physics simulation (mainly springs) which cal3d (used in Sear) has, though not Ember)


The armour should mostly be a suppliment to the clothing, i.e. it should be possible to wear a "shin guard" and a "long pants" at the same time. Some armour parts however takes precedence, for example when wearing a chain mail legging, all other pants that might be worn should automatically be hidden. An overview of the armour layout can be seen in the image to the left.

  • breast plate (large plate on the front of the torso)
  • shin guards
  • skirt guards
  • helmet (should this replace any hat or cloak worn? --Erik 00:38, 26 January 2007 (CET))
  • shoulder guards
  • chain mail (works like clothes)


The animations should correspond directly to actions in mason, in addition to the standard movement animations. The following is a compilation of the current status of the animations available for the humanoid character in Ember, and how they map against the server side actions.


Animation name
Ember name
Server actions

The character is idle, breathes and perhaps shifts position, cracks the knuckles etc.. This would preferably be a couple of different animations that can be randomly played, to not make it too apparent that they're looping.
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid-idle_*

Walk forwards
Simple forward walking animation
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid_walk_Clip
Move forwards

Walk backwards
Simple backwards walking animation
Move backwards

Run forwards
Simple forward running animation
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid_walk_Clip
Move forwards with greater speed

Simple side stepping walking animation
Move to the side

The character swims. For now we'll use the same animation for both idle and movement.
The character is placed in water

The character picks something from the ground. The same animation can be used when the character drops something.
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid-pick-up_Clip
Action: pickup, drop

General fidgeting
A general animation that can be used whenever there's no other animation to use for an action
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid-fletching_Clip
Generic action

The character chops down a tree.
Action: chop

The character makes an offensive punch
humanoid.skeleton: wf_humanoid-offense_punch_Clip
Action: attack

Swing a sword
The character makes an offensive swing with a sword
Action: attack

The character defends against an offensive action
Action: defend

The character eats
Action: eat

After being defeated in combat or starving to death, the character should collapse and end up in a collapsed state on the ground.
Action: collapse

After collapsing in combat, the character gets up again.
Action: ?

The character digs in the ground.
Action: dig

The character uses a pickaxe to delve.
Action: delve

The character uses a trowel to sow a seed in the ground.
Action: sow



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