Tuesday, March 3, 2009


No reasons why I always get angry for her, even for a little thing. She said she was feeling uncomfortable every time I got angry. I'm sorry, I really love you.

I don't know why god gave me love after everything had been settled down. Maybe I won't go abroad for her. I don't know. I'm sorry I can't be with you and take care of you. I just want be happy, not work that tired everyday.

Maybe I am too selfish. No more than ten sentences come out of my mouth everyday. I just want to talk with somebody, somebody who won't be boring talking with me, somebody who won't can go on the chat when I have no word, somebody who won't laugh at me when I tell out what I am really thinking about, somebody who is willing to share everyday experience with me, somebody..., to make sure I can still talk.

Maybe it's true, there is nobody who will always follow your opinion, who will give your all his effort for you, except yourself. Everyone has his own life, own work and things to handle. None could be the perfect one in your mind.

Maybe the unhappy between us is because I am so dogmatic, want you just follow what I think is right.

I have heard one saying before, the young always do things hurt everyone including himself. I don't know why. Maybe now, I have tasted it. I know I am not happy to have no response to her messages. I know I'm eager to heard her voice. However, I just look at my phone and have no courage to dial the number. I just told myself if I receive another message from her, I will give in...

Maybe I really disturbed her so much. She has her modules, research work, ...

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