Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Speech] Bionic Speech Recognition

Bionic Speech Recognition
PhysOrg.com (09/09/10)

A new speech enhancement system developed at the University Campus' Laboratory of Signal Processing in Tunis, Tunisia, could help ensure that voice signals are as clear as possible before they are processed by a computer and acted upon.  The researchers used a bionic wavelet transform and a recurrent neural network to reduce the noise from a recorded or sampled voice signal.  The approach is designed to address additive or white noise, the random background hiss of a sound recording, which can have the most impact on speech recognition.  Tests against several types of noises and a noisy speech database showed an increase in the signal to noise ratio from 5 dB to 12 dB.  The researchers say that voice signals need to be clear for speech recognition systems because they could impact the profitability of a financial deal, the safety of a vehicle, or the maneuverability of aircraft.  They say their approach also could be used for mobile phone conversations or secret recordings of speech for security and law enforcement purposes.

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